Ruthann Marie Reim

Life Coach Personal Counselor Business Management Consultant Author
Counseling is an opportunity to learn about yourself, to take control of what you want and choose actions that will make it happen. Ruthann will be your personal coach, counselor and your mentor. She will help you make personally satisfying choices in an efficient and productive way.
Office Meeting:
If you live in Washington state or are willing to arrange transportation, you have the opportunity to benefit from meeting with Ruthann in person. She will guide you as a consultant, coach and counselor whose primary goals are to build your self-confidence, enhance your personal and professional power and assist you in managing your life challenge in the most efficient way possible.

Individual Private Session: Her hourly fee is $135.00 and is payable in cash, check or by VISA or MASTERCARD. For clients out of the area, extended appointments of two hours or more are available.

Individual Testing: Battery of interest, psychological, personality and values tests to assist with personal and career decisions. Includes 3 hours of personal counseling. Tests also available individually by appointment. $625.00.

Insurance: I take most insurance that has mental health coverage in the plan. The exceptions are Medicare and TriCare for Military.

Please contact Ruthann in advance to schedule an appointment.

Also, you can arrange to have Ruthann on retainer for a monthly fee.