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Podcast No. 23: Co-Creator with Vision Most of us have a vision of one form or another. Whether it's career goals, the type of family we'd like to have, where we want to live, or any number of things, we have visions of how we would like things to be. Often our visions take unexpected twists and turns, which can lead to frustration and disappointment; even more so if we try to "power through" and "make" our vision happen. In this episode of Transitions, Ruthann and Santia explore a new approach. Becoming a "co-creator with your vision" provides an opportunity to relax and realize that even at this very moment, your vision is where it is meant to be.

Podcast No. 22: Mind-and-Body Attitude, exercise, nutrition, and environmental factors all affect the mind and the body; for good or for ill. In this latest installment of "Transitions" special guest Dr. John Mishko, a noted University Place, WA Chiropractor, elaborates on all of the above.

Podcast No. 21: Seasons of Abundance There are times in life when everything just seems to go right. Great job offers are made, awards are given, unexpected money arrives, and much more. Sometimes these events are clustered together and it seems like nothing can go wrong. In this edition of "Transitions", Ruthann and Santia talk about how to celebrate and really enjoy these "Seasons of Abundance" and to be prepared for the possibility that these streaks of good fortune may be balanced out be other "less than abundant" events.

Podcast No. 20: Experiencing Another Person's Dream Ruthann and Santia discuss an interesting perspective of life's dreams and passions. What happens in a relationship when one person is a horse lover and the other person is a hot rod lover. In this edition of "Transitions" we learn how to make the most of living with a dream that isn't necessarily ours.

Podcast No. 19: Transformation In this first of a series of podcasts featuring a variety of special guests, Tacoma's own Nancy Rebecca and Yvonne Kilcup from Intuitive Mind join Ruthann and Santia in the studio for wonderful discussion of "transformation."

Podcast No. 18: Endings Endings of a job or a relationship can often seem daunting, however many times they can be liberating. As we reach the end of the calendar year, Ruthann discusses how to turn endings into a positive experience and how they ultimately lead to new and brighter beginnings.

Podcast No. 17: Making Peace with Inevitable Transitions Some transitions are inevitable and we will all face them at some point in our lives. In this episode of "Transitions", Ruthann discusses how to make peace with events and situations that are beyond our control.

Podcast No. 16: Celebration of Connections Even in today's social media centered ultra-wired society it's easy to feel disconnected from others. In this episode of "Transitions" Ruthann shares a number of magical stories from her recent trip to the East Coast which demonstrate just how truly we really are all connected.

Podcast No. 15: Transitions with the Familiar Many transitions can be major events or milestones. In truth, we are all in continual transition and much of it happens while we are involved in familiar pursuits. Ruthann discusses the creative process of musical composition with Rob and Santia of the electro-world-groove band Budapest West to help give context to the idea "Transitions with the Familiar."

Podcast No. 14: The Time in Between For some, the periods between life's major changes may be a time of grieving for the past. For others it can cause anxiety about what the future may hold. In her latest installment of "Transitions", Ruthann explores how to use "The Time in Between" in many positive and productive ways.

Podcast No. 13: Resilience Resilience can be described with many common phrases, such as "getting back in the saddle", "bouncing back", and many more. However you might describe resilience, Ruthann offers many useful insights into how to improve your resilience during life's challenging times.

Podcast No. 12: Anniversary of Loss The anniversary of a loss can be a challenging time for most people. In this highly personal episode of "Transitions", Ruthann shares insights from her own experiences and discusses techniques to guide others who are experiencing their own anniversary of a loss.

Podcast No. 11: New Beginnings New beginnings can be an exciting time in everyone's life and can also present a number of challanges. In this episode of "Transitions", Ruthann addresses how to recognize when we are entering into a new beginning, and how to make the most of the experience.

Podcast No. 10: Hope Whether hope comes from within, from a higher power, or from the encouragement of family and friends, Ruthann explores ways to make the most of hope on your road to a richer and more fulfilling life.

Podcast No. 9: Chaos
In this episode, Ruthann helps us find ways to stay on course during tumultuous periods, not only in our own lives, but when others around us find themselves navigating their own difficult transitions.

Podcast No. 8: Love Going well beyond the elements of romantic love associated with the month of February, Ruthann expounds upon love and compassion in broader and more comprehensive terms.

Podcast No. 7: Stillness of Winter Ruthann discusses how to use the stillness of the winter season to our advantage, as a time of rest, rejuvenation, and renewal..

Podcast No. 6: Holidays In this special Holiday edition of "Transitions", Ruthann talks about making the best of your Holiday season, no matter what your current circumstance may be.

Podcast No. 5: Personality Masks
In her fifth podcast, Ruthann gets into masks. Not the Halloween type, but the personality masks we all wear.

Podcast No. 4: Medical News In fourth podcast, Ruthann talks about how to make peace with difficult medical news.

Podcast No. 3: Empty Nest In her third podcast, Ruthann explores the process a parents go through when their children leave home to embark on their lives as independent adults.

Podcast No. 2: Natural Disasters In her second podcast, Ruthann discusses ways to prepare and cope with the sudden change brought on by natural disasters.

Podcast No. 1: Getting to Know Ruthann In her first podcast, you will get to know Ruthann and learn about her passion for helping people during times of tumultuous change.